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Sopot family chapel Herbst






Edward Herbst began working in the factory of Karol Scheibler in 1869. Within a few years he climbed the career ladder and in 1874 he was managing director of the whole enterprise, and after the marriage of the eldest daughter Matilda Scheibler, he became co-owner of the factory. After his death in 1881, Karol Scheibler, Edward Herbst, along with the heirs of Scheibler, Charles and his sons and son-Adolf Georg von Kramst, formed a joint stock company, the general manager - Edward Herbst. He was a patron of the "Journal of Lodz" who in 1885 bought a printing press. He was also president of many years of Commercial Bank in Lodz. The last years of his life in Sopot, where he died on 6 June 1921.Beautiful neo-Gothic chapel mausoleum was built in 1921 .. Note the buttresses terminated bioniowane pinnacles. Entrance is adorned with tracery winperga completed, the tympanum of the epitaph is supported on three columns in the Doric style.