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Ruins of the Church in Kolibki






As can be seen from the sparse preserved historical sources in Kolibki religious establishment has a long history. Probably on a small hill, there was a small chapel baptismal first, then the chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Map showing the Bay of Puck from 1720 in the village of "Kalipka" appear "symbol" of the church. Could even then there was a temple here? It is difficult to answer this question, since we do not have confirmation of the source is known, however, that the church. Joseph founded in the years 1763-1764 gen. Joseph Przebendowski, the owner of property in Sopot, which acquired a good kolibkowskie Ignatius of his cousin, the governor puck and Mirachowo. Founder wanted to settle at the church OO. Capuchins, which reportedly started to erect a monastery as a missionary home. This idea was never implemented because J. Przebendowski soon died, and his heirs did not show any interest in the property in Kolibki. Church of Sts. Joseph was probably built on the formersacred objects, where more than one hundred years were connected group of pilgrims making their way from Gdansk and Oliwa over indulgence in Calvary (second stop for pilgrims was in Rumia, another at the Gate Oliwa in Wejherowo). The temple, which until World War II was the parish church for Catholic in Kolibki and eagles, was completely destroyed by the Germans in 1939.