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Residence villa in 1857.


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It is the oldest and most magnificent mansion in Sopot. It was founded in the second half of the nineteenth century by the merchant and industrialist Theodore Bahrendt. In 1857, the property owner built the middle storey mansion modeled on the architecture of Italian Renaissance villas, with a square tower topped by an observation loggia. Before the palace has an extensive terrace framed by a stone balustrade. From the terrace of a wide staircase leads to the park. The park is precious, more than 150-year-old trees consisting of larch, beech, oak, linden and Canadian Christmas trees. Palace was rebuilt twice: in 1933 dostawiono southern wing, built in 1975 an additional floor above the main part of the building, destroying parts of its original features. At the moment, the entire property, including the building belongs to a private person.