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Pioneering the lower buildings of Sopot, in the nineteenth century manor house


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Magnates erected their homes in the upper Sopot. The lower operated fishing village located near present-day entrance to the pier. At the bottom of Sopot recreational values ​​highlighted only in the nineteenth century.

In 1822, a retired officer E. Bornstaedt mansion built cottage in a secluded spot, just south of the fishing village.

Storey manor house with a gable roof with pediments ceramic. In olden times, this building had on the east side of the wooden porch based on four wooden pillars garret where unfolded views of the Gulf of Gdansk and coastal dunes. At the end of the nineteenth century was built veranda.

The owner pioneering home not long enjoyed the peace, because in 1823 the sea stood the baths Dr. Haffner start giving spa. Manor was the most populous part of Sopot in the summer.