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Murdered the inhabitants of Sopot


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Monument to the Martyrdom of Polish inhabitants of Sopot was the initiative of several members of the Historical Section of the documentary Society of Friends of Sopot, living in Sopot before Second World War. Many of them belonged to organizations fighting to preserve national identity and was particularly persecuted before the war and after the explosion. Most of the lost coming to places of torture organized by the Nazis. Bu honor those people especially the first Polish case, murdered and killed during World War II, featured a monument was erected. It was designed by Adam Smolana, Sopot known sculptor, professor of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. In the embodiment helped, due to the illness of the author, Andrew Rejchel architects and Vladimir Stopa.

For a rectangular concrete base was placed a bronze Piast eagle with outstretched wings, as if covering the eternal possession of the Polish sea and coast, and talons gripping two swords symbolically Grunwald. At the front of the shield-shaped swords above inscription composed by Francis Mamuszka, the author of many major publications about the Sopot: Bochaterskim Poles, inhabitants of Sopot, who for their loyalty to national ideals and activities of the Polish organizations and the love of the homeland were killed in Nazi atrocity sites, prisons and concentration camps in 1939-1945. On the two side wheels 74 bear the names of Polish Sopot inhabitants murdered by the Nazis and the date and place of their death. On the back, also on the disc-shaped shield inscribed with the words: Died for Poland to descendants may live. Eternal glory to their memory. Here are the names of founders of the monument and the name of its author. 11 November 1995 imposed crown designed by the sculptor Isabella Tar, the wife of the late author of the monument, thus preserving the copyrights. Monument unveiled on 22 March 1985. The anniversary of independence, 11 November each year, at the memorial ceremony held in the state.