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Monument devoted Army Soldiers


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After the Second World War a number of Army soldiers settled in August in Sopot. Thanks to these people made ​​this monument. Foundation act begins with the words:

"This happened in Sopot Roky Lord 1998, when the See of Peter sat and held governments Pope John Paul II with the family is descended Poles. Let this monument, wagered on the 80th anniversary of independence is a testament to the memory of the veterans and the inhabitants of Sopot with unprecedented revolt of the nation Polish, in line with the slogan: Legs, Honor, Country, a Polish freedom fighter. Let this monument is a symbol of patriotism and love for an independent homeland for the present and future generations. "

Monument was initiated by State of the World Association of Sopot wheels Army Soldiers with the help of the then Chairman of the Town of Sopot Wieczesława Augustyniak and Jack Karnowski President.

Monument was designed by sculptor Taduesz Markiewicz. On a concrete pedestal in the shape of a truncated pyramid is the flag that goes in the golden crowned eagle with wings raised upward.