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Manor Kolibki






Manor House in Kolibki probably already existed in the sixteenth m., but its original location is not currently known. In the first half of the nineteenth century, built the center, the lowest part of the current court, with a distinctive system of two inputs, placed symmetrically in the front elevation. In the second half of the nineteenth century, was built three-storey part of the eastern and western part is very similar. In the early 20's in the middle of the twentieth century, the façade was a terrace on the roof pillars and superstructure. In such a court has survived to this day. Inside the hall with preserved coffered ceiling panels oradz floor of the gray and red limestone imported from Scandinavia. In 1920, the court kolibkowskim Witold Kukowskiego guy was General Haller. Historic mansion decorated rooms of this period is known for its photography archive. The building still functions fully residential.