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Lookout Tower in Kolibki


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The observation tower located at ul. Cooperative Orlowo district in Gdynia, on the Kolibek. The height of the tower is 50 meters. Observation Deck is located at an altitude of 28 meters. The facility was opened on 17 September 2007, and located on the terrace is available during the period from April 1 to October 31, between the hours of 8 to 18 in good weather conditions. Admission is free.The tower is located within the forest cover of the Tri-City Landscape Park, in the border zone of the Kashubian Lake District at the height of about 85 m. Access to the object is designated by the red trail dojściowego (symbolically marked by red triangles with white obwolutami). Dojściowy trail on one side begins at the intersection of Victory Avenue Cooperative Street (next to Tri-City Shopping Center parking Cliff), where the length of the handle is about 900 meters. While the other trail from Route dojściowy reflects Wejherowo, reaching a length of approximately 700 meters [2]. From the observation deck extends to include view of the Tricity, Tricity Landscape Park and the Gulf of Gdansk.