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Flat Army soldiers in a Catholic cemetery in Sopot






Memorial dedicated to the grave: Sybirakom, Stutthof prisoners, soldiers and Army captain Alojzi Burski.

Aloysius Burski - after graduation was assigned to the Cadet School. Sympathized with the national movement. In October 1937 he received the rank of second lieutenant with the allocation to 72 Infantry Regiment in Radom. He took part in the defensive war of 1939 as a heavy machine gun platoon. Together with his regiment stuck to Warsaw, highlighting the courage of 15 September in the fight for love. He was wounded in the defense of the capital. After the surrender he was captured by a German, from which he escaped. He was appointed commander of one of the biggest Pomeranian Army guerrilla groupings under codenames "Bory", "Tisza-100", operating in the area Tuchola and numbering about 150 men. Proved to be talented commander and tactician, conducting many armed actions against the Germans. Cooperated with the Soviet reconnaissance-diversionary groups discharges to Pomerania. He went to military service as commander of the LWP 'internment camp renegades and traitors "in the cold waters. In fact, he was still in the conspiracy, this time anti-Communist, gathering his former subordinates from the Army. During the night of 29 on April 30, 1945 defected with a group of 35 armed soldiers, returning to the forest. He did this probably on the instructions of the Armed Forces Delegation to Pomerania. The forester in the Forest Emilianowo Bydgoszcz sworn on Rota AK partisan "spruces II" in the strength of 35 guerrillas. Ddziałania Department aimed at protecting people against the Soviet stragglers. Major clashes "spruce II" of the Soviet grasantami took place on 6 May 1945 Nowa Wies near the Great, 6 or 7 m. Chrośna May, 8 May 1945 in the village Pszczółczyn under Łabiszyn, 13 May 1945 near Birches Bydgoszcz. The last battle of militarized unit of the NKVD, from which it was defeated, was fought in mid-May 1945. Alojzy Bruski was arrested 7 or June 12, 1945 in Bydgoszcz by WUBP along with his three subordinates. ruling Military District Court in Poznań on session exit in Bydgoszcz, was sentenced to 10 years in prison. As a result of personal intervention of his sentence Boleslaw Bierut changed to the death penalty. He was executed in Wronki on September 17, 1946