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Corner sculpture fountain in front of pier


culturally, undefined




At home spa opposite the mole was built in 1909 a fountain which we can admire today. The sculpture is set over three corners of the children, a boy and a girl, and the whole consists in the story. The first sculpture shows a pair of indifferent, alien and aloof from each other. She has hands placed on the chest, and he one hand supports the chin. Sculpture in the next corner shows the children huddled together, boy girl whispers something into the ear and keeps his hand on her neck. In the third installment of outraged she moves away from the boy's hand, ear plugging. The fourth corner is empty, as the inhabitants of Sopot explain łodych separation m, but this place was not always empty. Previously, there was again a sculpture showing a pair of neutral, sad and aloof from each other. The entire presentation puentowano adage "Nice beginnings of evil."