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Classical villa of the nineteenth century


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Storey villa with a classical design with a pillared portico on the north side. Even a hundred years ago was surrounded by lavishly furnished villa park, and the whole was surrounded by a moat and defensive ramparts dating from the time the Swedish wars. In the pre-partition era there was a baronial mansion called the French, where Polish kings visited twice: in 1710 r August II, and in 1733 - Stanislaw Leszczynski. The present building was erected in 1860, stands on the site of the old mansion. The surrounding park once it was parceled out in the years 1892-1896, and then built urban tenements. In 1833, the villa adapted for use in the Evangelical community, and after World War II, assigned to the rectory of the parish church. The property rises some 150-year old beech trees and more than 300-year-old oak Stanislas Leszczynski, declared a natural monument.