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A replica of the Cross of Giewont and magnificent views of the Gulf of Gdansk in Sopot


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For the vast square in front of the Church of Pentecost is a replica of the cross was donated by the Giewont Zakopane century Sopot give the city rights. For attached to 'the cross of Giewont' granite plate with herben Sopot and Zakopane and bas-reliefs, one with the image of the cross of Giewont, the other with the image of the monument of Pope John Paul II, written while: 1901-2001, 100 years of the cross on Giewont, 100 years of the city Sopot. It is necessary that the whole of Poland from the Baltic to the Tatras, looking toward the cross on Giewont heard and repeated the Sursum Corda - up heart - Pope John Paul II.

Therefore hear a great view of the level of over 50 meters above sea level. Hence, we can observe the ships waiting off the port of Gdansk.